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We Solve Your Problems!

Homeowner Defenders.

That's what we are. (But not all of what we are.) We keep homeowners in their homes.

Whether the problem is an out-of-control government agency, a bank, loan servicing company, or an unscrupulous Homeowner Association, we can help.

We prevent foreclosure. We stop eviction.

Banks and mortgage servicing companies have short-circuited the legal system and short-changed homeowners. They don't deal in good faith, and they "lose" payments and documents that homeowners have sent.

Home equity loans in Texas provide special protections, and we can help when there is a dispute over your home equity loan.

Join our team to solve your problems. We can help you in State Court or Federal Court, from the local Justice of the Peace to the Texas Supreme Court.

Contact us.

Save your home.

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